it’s time for a spooktacula day!

Well, it’s that time of the year again, the time where all your windows and doors need to be locked, and all your floorboards securely fastened down, it’s Halloween and dodge radio is once more bringing you some quality programming for the day.

Your programs are as follows in UK time:

00:00-05:00: horror! Playing only the best horror to get you through the night including spooky classics such as the twilight zone and fear on four!

05:00-12:00: your usual decade’s breakfast!

12:00-1500: it’s more horror with our featured dramas!

1500-1600: drive time: bringing you back to reality for a while and playing you the best music as well as your latest news updates!

1600-1900: the hot fight home with Felix!

1900-2100: it’s DJ JC!

2100-2300: it’s Sid, with his traditional Halloween show, talking about the history of the day whilst playing you some great horror tunes of your choice plus his own collections!

And then after this, we finish until 5 AM the following morning with your non-stop horror dramas!

So prepare to be scared, this schedule isn’t for the faint hearted, don’t say you haven’t been warned!  muhahahahaha!!