Happy New Year

With another  successful year behind us, its time to look upon the future. Although we lost 2 talented DJ’s last year who for there own personal reasons moved on to new projects. however, we regained what we los through Justin and Paul. both dj’s bring a different flavour of music to the station, and we would like to thank them for their continued hard  work! Justin’s mixing is 2nd to none, and his  weekend mix can be herd  19:00 UK time, 1400 easten each friday evening. Paul brings hip-hop alive  on tuesday evenings  starting at 20:00 UK time and 15:00 easten. our full schedule can be found on our website over at:



here’s to another successful year ahead, stay tuned for further exciting information.

from all Dodge Radio  staff we would like to wish all our listeners a happy new year, an all the best for 2014.