How do you Solve a Problem like the Mosen Explosion? #MosenOnAir

Idle vice, idle vice, every Sunday you greet me. Not a care, on the air, he sounds happy to tweet me.
Once again, the hills are alive with the sound of the Mosen Explosion, with songs we have sung, for a jolly long time! Ooh what a long long time we’ve sung them boys and girls!
Today, Maria Von Trapp, yes, the Maria whose story has enthralled and entertained generations in the Sound of Music, died aged 99. To celebrate her life and remarkable story, we’ll be featuring songs from the Sound of Music this week. I’ll also be throwing in some interesting facts about the real maria and the Von Trapp family, telling you the rest of the story.
There’s plenty of interesting banana news this week, including the fact that Heidi has now moved into Mosen Towers as she prepares to start her electrical engineering degree at university. So we’ll be playing a few songs around these themes, including education, moving, welcoming and more. You’re very welcome, as always, to make a request that fits or for anything else you’d like to hear.
In other banana news, it’s not been the best of weeks for Richard and we’ll tell you why.
We’ve been reporting on Bonnie’s quest to get her fingerprints read so she can get injected, inspected, detected, infected, neglected and selected. We’ll update you with this and more on this week’s exciting edition of the Bonnie bulletin.
We have a bumper crop of the wacky news, look back on this day in history, and who knows where your tweets and emails will take us as you meander along with us. I may even read you your meander  rights! You have the right to remain silent, but anything you do say may be read on air and cause further fun listener interaction.
s all at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK. For details on all things Mosen Explosion including listenin

g online at Mosen Explosion HQ just head over on to Because thanks to you tuning in live, the Mosen Explosion is one of my favourite things!

The Mosen Explosion, on a Day of Musical Greatness. #MosenOnAir | The Mosen Explosion

Here at Mosen Towers, we’re on tenterhooks as I write this wee missive. Tenterhooks is what we’re on I tell you! Have you ever been on tenterhooks before? If not, it’s kind of like being on a soft comfortable couch, but about a billion times harder. The tenterhooks hurt your bottom, you see. We’re on tenterhooks, not sure if I told you that before…because of an exciting test cricket match between New Zealand and India that has us all on tenterhooks. However, I shall try and stop focussing on the tenterhooks long enough to tell you about this week’s bumper harvest of musical and interactive goodness that is the Mosen Explosion.

It’s a legendary musical day to celebrate, for two reasons. One of the most successful popular music composers of the 20th century, a legend among female singer/songwriters, celebrates her 72nd birthday. Not only has she had phenomenal success as an artist in her own right, but you may not realise just how many great songs she’s written that have become hits by other artists. I’m of course referring to Carole King, and we’ll celebrate her birthday on this week’s show.

And then, of course, there is what’s become known as “the night that changed America”. It’s 50 years ago that the Beatles performed live for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show. 73 million people watched it, and many latterly big names in music attribute that one performance as the night they resolved that music was what they wanted to do with their lives. Arguably, there would be no Bruce Springsteen, no Heart, no Billy Joel and many others, without the Beatles transforming the music scene that night. We’ll be sprinkling a liberal dose of Beatles music in the mix, playing you all of the Beatles’ performance from that night’s Ed Sullivan show, and if you were around in the US when they finally got the mania, we may just have a few wee things to put a smile on your face that you haven’t heard for nearly 50 years.

The Banana Report is here with David and Richard this week, one week into the new school year for them. This week, they become film critics as they review a movie we all watched as a family this weekend.

In the Bonnie Bulletin, Bonnie and I seek your help to resolve a raging debate at Mosen Towers. Are those robotic vacuum cleaner things any good? I thought one would make a great valentine’s day gift, don’t you agree?

In Wacky News, there’s an interesting number of stories about pigs this week. Odd, that. What is the universe trying to say?

We have this day in history to tell you about as well, and plenty of fun interaction via Twitter and email.

Since we welcome two new affiliates to the family this week, we hope to be exploding plenty of new listeners who we hope will be regulars for years to come.


The fun starts at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, at

The way this cricket’s going, maybe we’ll still all be on tenterhooks when the show starts! Ouch!

a few changes to our program times and a new presenterjoins the station!

well hello, I hope your all doing great!

we’ve got a few changes now in terms of our programs, you may have seen on the blog last year that we introduced our new show, totally 80’s which can be heard every saturday between the hours of 12 and 2 PM UK time, and because of the demand of the show, we’re now also repeating the show on  a sunday, 4 until 6 PM just encase you miss it!

Also, Kyle has moved his sunday worship breakfast, which now can be heard every sunday between the hours of 1 and 4 PM so if it’s been to early for you before, feel free to now check this out!

also, we’re now pleased to bring a new dj to the station, Jonathan Mosen live from new zealand , who’ll be presenting his new show, The Mosen Explosion every sunday evening between the hours of 7 until 11 PM UK time! with over ten years experience, he’s sure to bring some great content to the air!


Presented from Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, from studios at Mosen Towers, the Mosen Explosion is four hours of radio that’s full of fun, spontaneity, listener interaction and the very best music ever made. he tries to make the show like the ones he enjoyed listening to as a kid, with plenty of jingles, use of funny little audio snippets and a fast pace. Special features include:

  • The Banana Report, where the Mosen kids get let loose on the air and say who knows what.
  • Today in history, often with a few little observations thrown in
  • And regular visits to the world of the bizarre with our wacky news bulletins sprinkled throughout the show.

But mostly, we spend our time playing a huge variety of great music. If he has it, he’ll  play it, no matter what the genre or when it was made. Much of what we play is driven by you, and that’s the way we like it. If you’re a new listener, we’ll induct you as a friend of the show by exploding you. Yes, this is one place where being exploded is actually a good thing!

so be sure to give it a listen!

thanks for reading and we hope you continue to enjoy the shows here at dodge!

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