I’ve got news! We’re back at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK. #MosenOnAir

I’ve got news! The Mosen Explosion is back at the usual time for all the poor confused wee American people who have had to put up with it starting later for the last few weeks. So 2 Eastern, 11 Pacific, and still the good old reliable 7 PM in the UK. Oh, just to be clear, that’s not my news.
For one crazy week, the show starts an hour earlier in New Zealand due to the UK time change, so it will be a 7 AM start for me, before our clocks go back next week and I will have to be up and at em at 6. But that’s not my news.
It’s really funny how, some weeks, we struggle to find an artist to feature because no one that fits the Explosion format happens to be having a birthday, or to have done anything significant, on the day we broadcast. We sure don’t have that problem this week. Our birthday book is packed! Packed I tell you! With musicians we can feature. So I rolled a dice, tossed a coin and our featured artist this week is…is…Eric Clapton! So if you have any Clapton requests, well then you just make them at once! Or you can make them during the show via email, Twitter and the web. We’ll play a few tracks from other artists who are having birthdays too. Oh but that’s actually not my news.
Heidi and Richard will be here with a fun banana report, where we discuss our quest to find the perfect fridge, and much more. Oh, and the fact that we’re seeking a new era in Mosen food refrigeration is not, funnily enough, my news.
Speaking of news though, it will be interesting to see if I can coax one or both of the resident bananas this weekend to read the wacky news for the show, since, as you know if you were listening last week, I have a wee problem with dot 3 of cell 3 of my display. But the wacky news is not my news. I suppose some people might consider my news wacky, but yeah.
We’ll have a look at a very busy day in history, where lots of people did things that made news that is not mine.
We will of course also have the highly popular Bonnie Bulletin with the highly popular Bonnie.

So it’s all part of the jolly old Mosen Explosion, heard on many places where quality shows are heard. They just all broadcast mine for contrast ya see, so when you hear the other shows, you know how good they actually are.
See you at 7 PM UK, 2 PM Eastern on Sunday.
Oh oh, my news? You’ll just have to tune in to hear that.

it’s Friday

The weekend is finally here, plenty of shows and more for you to enjoy. But befog we get to excited we have to get through the rest of Friday. Tonight’s programing looks like this. Join DJ JC with the essential mix playing the best in remix culture, from 7pm UK 3easten then later Sidney Tambin with kicking off the weekend. Don’t forget that UK clocks go back this Saturday see earlier post for more information. Bye for now

Dodge radio Team



Time Changes

Today’s blog is a bit long, as we have something’s that we need to let you know about.  


Time changes

Are you on Eastern Time? Then this is for you. As you know American eastern went back an hour at the beginning of the month  now it is us brits turn. This Sunday the clocks go back for the uk. This means that show times are set to change. For example on a Sunday the Mosen Explosion with Jonathan Mosen returns back to 2pm eastern. The time change will go in effect at 10pm eastern that’s 1am UK keep an eye on twitter @dodgeradio or from face book at www.facebook.com/dodgeradio for more information so you don’t miss your favourite show.



That is right the count down to the weekend has officially started.  It may only be Wednesday, but here at Dodge Radio it is in sight. Before all that though, we bring you great programing with the Mid Week Mix from 8pm UK 4pm eastern with Sidney Tambin followed by FSN Reports from 6pm eastern 10pm UK. That is all for now see you soon.

Dodge Radio team

happy Wednesday

the middle of the week has come around once again, that can only mean that the count down to the weekend can begin. before that that though, good programing for you sounds like this, your mid week nix with Sidney tambin from 8pm UKor 4pm Easton then FSN Reports from 10pm UK 6pm east an happy Wednesday to you


from the dodge radio team