The Weekend is finally here, this means lots of wonderful programing for you. We start with Drive Time live from 3Pm Uk 10Am Eastern then later we give you the essential Mix With Justin playing the best in Remix Culture  live From 7PM Uk 2PM Eastern. From 9PM Uk 4Pm Eastern the weekend really kicks off with Sidney Tambin playing the best in uplifting tunes. Then finally we give you the latest in international news with Feature Story News from 11Pm Uk 6Pm Eastern.

That is all from us for now, check back soon for more updates.

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This Week, Jonathan Radically Shakes Up Your All New Sunday Listening Experience! #MosenOnAir

13 April, 2014 by

Well well well, how time flies, eh? Well well well. It was just this time last week that I was inviting you to the Mosen Explosion, for four fun frivolous hours of forgettability. Well well well. What a difference a week makes. Who was the British political dude who famously said, “a week is a long time in politics”. Mr Wilson? Or Mr Heath? It was one of those tax men. Ah Wilson, Wilson that’s who it was. Well well well. A week is certainly a very long time in radio as well. Because so much has changed in a week. So this week, in a radical shake-up of your Sunday listening experience, I invite you to join me for…for…the Mosen Explosion, for four fun frivolous hours of forgettability. Bet I had you going for a bit there, eh? Eh? Gaw on admit it!
The wacky news is so wacky this week, it’ll have you saying “oy!” “oy” you shall say!
We’ll endeavour to persuade David to sit in the banana seat for another Banana Report, and we’ll look back at this day in history, on which Houston had a problem. We also expect a potentially highly sycophantic right royal bulletin from Princess Bonnie.
But most important of all, I’m looking forward to hearing from you as we have some fun chat via Twitter and email, interspersed with the best music ever made. There’s plenty of room for your requests. If you’ve never heard the show before, we love hearing from new listeners, who we summarily explode at once! Never fear, for a small fee, a Mosen Explosion rehabilitation kit is available, and if you purchase within 24 hours, you get a set of steak knives absolutely free!
If you’re a regular, we heart you. Aw! I mean it’s good to be regular! Your doctor would tell you this I’m sure, and we love catching up to see what you’ve been up to this week.
So for the show full of fibre, fun, frivolity and forgettability, join me, because it’s very clear I’m falling apart, at 7 PM in the Kingdom of U, 2 PM Eastern US, 6 AM in New Zealand. Find out all the places you can listen on the affiliates page, or just tune right in from the site, at

Happy Saturday

The Weekend is in full swing, it is Saturday and we have plenty of programing for you. After Totally 80s with Garry King we give you the Sports Show with Paul D from 2pm UK 9AM eastern. Followed by the Jade Show with Jade Sharp from 12PM eastern 5 UK then we get you partying hard with DJ Felix from 7pm Uk 2pm eastern don’t worry as Sidney Tambin continues the party from  9Pm Uk 4PM Eastern. So whatever you are doing today take us with you. That is all for now    

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Just an Earful of Disney Makes the ‘Xplosion go Down. #MosenOnAir

Are we ready for a sing-along? We are? Oh good, then here we go! Tap tap tap. Check, 1, 2? Ahem, cough cough.
It’s a show of music, a show of talk, it’s a show of Mosen whose such a dork,
And it seven UK, Eastern 2 USA, we’ll explode you after all.
There is just one show for your Sunday fun, and a tweet means friendship to everyone. With some cool wacky news, and some history too, we’ll explode you after all.
OK sing the chorus now! Sing it I say!
We’ll explode you after all, we’ll explode you after all, we’ll explode you after all we’ll explo…wode…you!
Yes folks, in April 1964, the original It’s a Small World ride opened, produced by Disney for the New York World Fair. It’s a Small World is one of my favourite Disney attractions. So I thought this week, we’d feature some of your Disney favourites. Got a Disney classic you’d like to hear, well let me know, and we may just be able to wave a magic wand, for tuppence a request.
Fittingly, Heidi and Nicola are here this week with a Banana Report, and they’ll review the latest Disney musical, Frozen, which they have seen over and over and over and over again. Oy!
I had to look up whether I need to write “fiancee” or “fiance”, so now that I have I can most authoritatively state that my fiance is here with an exciting Bonnie bulletin. The fall-out from the Crimea makes it to the wacky news twice this week, and we look back on this day in history.
And of course there’s plenty of room for what we love best, all your interaction and thoughts about the random stuff that’s likely to come up during the show. Remember, the only way to hear the show is live, and we love it when you contribute. So I hope you’ll join me at 7 PM UK, 2 PM Eastern, now that equates to 6 AM on a Monday morning in New Zealand.
There are a bunch of places you can hear the show, and you can learn all about them, or here the show directly on the site, at OK, shall we sing one more verse before we go? Sure, why not.
Three of four bananas were born in May, and so that’s the month I run out of pay. With no