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Welcome to another Dodge radio blog, hope you’re sitting comfortably as it is going to be a bit of a long one this time. If you are a screen reader user, remember you can jump through headings at any time.



So Wednesday has come round once again, and we have wonderful programing for you. We start with drive time, this runs from 3 PM UK it is only 10 AM Eastern though. After all it’s never too early to enjoy some Dodge radio programming. Then later your Wednesday’s midweek mix with Sydney Tambin he will be playing the very best of the 50s, 60s, 70s, country space and rock.  This will be running from 8 PM UK 3 PM Eastern. Then from 10PM UK 5Pm Eastern FSN Reports with Feature Story News Giving you the latest in international News.  And Finally we give you the Love Zone the very best in love Songs and chill out tracks. For more information on Programs Visit our website at


What’s new?

After a lot of hard work, we’re glad to tell you Dodge radio can now be found inside the ITunes Radio Directory. Simply open ITunes and in the radio search for Dodge Radio.  But don’t forget you can also find us inside the Nokia radio application and Tunein radio applications.   A full listing of all our listening options can be found from our website at


After a couple of years, our website needs updating. So we have started work on rebuilding our website. Some of the new features on this website will include DJ pages just to name a few new features. When we launch the brand new website we will let you know over Twitter and Facebook.


When you run a radio station, you have to think of new ways of reaching your audience. So we think it is about time we join the podcasting industry and are very pleased, to tell you that the Dodge radio podcast will be coming to you very soon. As you read this, we have managed to record the first edition. More will follow soon. So what can you expect in this podcast? Lots of news interviews and lots more.


Spreading the word

We are always thinking of new ways to increase the Dodge radio family, by getting more of you to like our Facebook page or even following us on Twitter. Sometimes we need to just say thank you. When people like our page and follow us on Twitter. So there you go thank you very much too all the people that have liked us and followed us over the years. All of you are very special to us, as without you we couldn’t do all that we do right now.  Please go to  to see the latest people that have been mentioned for liking our page.


That is it for now, we will be back soon with another update. Remember to keep listening, sharing and liking.

The Dodge radio Team  

The Weekend is Around the Corner

With the weekend fast approaching, keep your ears to the ground for a packed weekend of entertainment. Whether you’re looking to live it up at home with your very own DJ, JC has your Friday Essential Mix followed by your kicking off the weekend show with Sidney Tambin. Check out our schedule for full show times, but our live programming starts at 07:00 P.M. UK time, that’s 02:00 USA Easton.


Saturday  is looking hot, and not just weather wise either, with live programming starting at mid-day, just 7 USA eastern, it’s a date for your diary, we start things off with totally 80’s, followed by your sports show with Paul, your tea time show with Jade Sharp,   and your party kicks off from 07:00 P.M. UK, 02:00 USA Easton. It’s not to be missed, but this isn’t a one off, this is an every week occurrence.  It’s kind of a no-brainer; spend your weekend the right way… the Dodge Radio way!!!.


We haven’t even got  started on Sunday yet, with programming starting at 04:00 P.M. UK time, 11:00 USA Easton for your totally 80’s replay, your Sunday 60’s at 6, your main event; the Mosen explosion and ending things smoothly with Sunday night chill.  Don’t be a hermit, we don’t bite, come and say hi over on twitter, Facebook, audio boo, and many many more ways to boot.




May the 4th be with you! It’s the Mosen Explosion! #MosenOnAir

A long time ago, in a rock era far, far away, a great musical adventure took place. And we’re celebrating it, at least in part, this week on the jolly old Mosen Explosion, the show that did for radio what the safety pin did for quantum computing!On the 4th of May 1964, yes 50 years ago, 50 years I say, a group called the Moody Blues was formed in Birmingham. That’s the Birmingham in the UK, not the Birmingham in Alabama. Although 10 years ago, I actually flew from one Birmingham to the other, which was very confusing. I checked into the airport at Birmingham Alabama, and they said “now where y’all goin’ on this thar fine day?” And I said, “I am going to Birmingham”! And she said, “now that’s mighty silly since y’all are in Birmingham right now! Y’all don’t need no plane to get to where y’all are already, now that’s just silly! Mercy, what will people think of next, wastin my time when there’s so much to do and all!” But I said, “no, no mate! I’m going to Birmingham England! Which I suspect was there before this Birmingham was”. And she said, “well now that’s nighty confusin’! Mercy! Just as well the airports have them thar little codes, or we might get y’all flyin’ in an endless loop! Then y’all wouldn’t know whether y’all are comin’ or goin’!” Anyway, it was in that Birmingham, that’s the Birmingham England I was going to in that story, not the Birmingham Alabama I was leaving, in which the Moody Blues were founded, and we’ll be playing your Moody Blues requests on this week’s Explosion. Back by popular demand, Bonnie’s here not only with another action-packed Bonnie bulletin, but she’s at the wacky news desk too. We’ll look back at this day in history, maybe here from a banana or two as the birthday countdown continues, and most important of all, we look forward to all the fun Twitter and email interaction that make the show so much funnies. So I hope you’ll join me at 6 AM in New Zealand, that’s 7 PM UK, 2 Pm Eastern. If you’d like to find out all the fine ways to listen, just head on over to the Explosion hub at Y’all come back now Luke, ya here!