We’re Exploding Again at 7 PM in the UK, 2 PM Eastern, 6 AM in NZ. #MosenOnAir

It seems like only a week since I last told you that we’d be exploding again. Wow. And you know why? Do you know why it seems like it’s only a week since I last told you we’d be exploding again? Well, that’s because, it actually was only a week since I last told you we’d be exploding again. Which just goes to show that…that…a week has gone by since I last told you we’d be exploding again.

Since this show was rebranded the Mosen Explosion in 2002, we’ve started it with a piece of music produced by the talented, wonderful, humorous Greg Brayton. Those of you who were listening to me back in the ACB Radio days may remember Greg. Sadly, he died earlier this week. We’ll take a little time to remember him on the show.
There are a few cool birthdays we could celebrate, but the one I’ve decided to feature is Peter Asher, brother of Jane and half of the British pop duo Peter and Gordon. They did some fun tunes, they did.
We have quite a few wacky news stories from Arizona this week. What does that say, eh?
We go back in history, and the Bonnie Bulletin is back as well.
But what we look forward to the mostest, is your emails and tweets that make the show so fun and entertaining. So feel free to fire up that hashtag and join in the fun, all starting at 7 PM in the Kingdom of U, 2 PM Eastern. Check out the growing list of the affiliates of awesome, or listen directly, all over on the Mosen Channel. http://MosenExplosion.com

Supplies! Another Weekend, Another Mosen Explosion! #MosenOnAir

As the Hollies famously sang, all I need is the air that I breathe…and to love you…and my computer…and my iPhone…and a nice house…oh and one of those nice cheesy rolls from the bakery. But really you know, when all is said and done and tweeted, your air supply is pretty important. And that’s why we’re saluting Air Supply, whose lead vocalist, Russell Hitchcock is celebrating his 65th birthday. They’ve done some great stuff, Air Supply, and if you’d like to request any Air Supply tracks, you would be most welcome.

But wait there’s more! Phone the number on your screen now and get two for the price of one! Because it’s also the wonderfully talented Harry Nilson’s birthday. He was born in 1941, and we’ll be featuring some of this tunes too.
There’s plenty of interesting stuff in the wacky news this week, we may well have a special guest on the Banana Report if we can convince him to talk, the Bonnie bulletin will be back, and and and, lots of historical history to tell you about.
But what really makes the show is all the fun stuff we get from you, yes, you! So I hope you’ll join me for four hours of interactive, fun radio on Sunday at 7 PM in the UK, 2 PM Eastern, and bright and early at 6 AM on Monday morning in New Zealand.

Feel The Base Line…

There’s a new Sound coming to Dodge Radio! The likes of which hasn’t been matched before. We are proud to welcome on board alix, AKA DJ Static degrees, as he’s warmly known… Alex has significant experience within the club scene mixing beats like you have never heard before. You really will not believe your ears. DJ static will soon be live on Fridays 11:00 until 01:00 UK time. 07:00 until 09:00 USA Easton. Brace yourself for that base line. What’s it they say? Coming soon to a set of speakers near you!


In other news our face book is ever so close to breaking our record of 250 likes.  We are a mere 4 likes away. Get sharing and spreading the word of the power of Dodge Radio. Thank you to all our latest loyal listeners who have saw us creep ever closer to that target number of likes!

Some more updates for you

We are back with some updates for you, but this week this post will be slightly shorter.



We are very happy to announce, that we have reached 140 likes on Facebook. We’re just 10 away from reaching 150 likes, which we consider a very high milestone. Like we always say, keep liking, sharing, and listening.


Makes cloud

the on demand service, has finally been expanded. This means, that we give you more ways to catch up on missed content. We have used makes cloud as our new format of catching up on live content. To listen to any of the shows on mix cloud, simply visit www.mixcloud.com then search for Dodge radio live one word. Then simply sit back and relax.


New DJ

We are very Proud to welcome Billy Whitcombe to the Dodge Radio Team, he will be Playing a great mix of party tunes including, but not limited to; pop, club, and dubstep. So Join Billy on Mondays 8PM UK 3Pm Eastern for the None-stop Party Mix.  


So that is all for this week, join us again for more news and info about us.

The Dodge Radio Team

Darlings! It’s the Frightfully Frightful, Queen’s Birthday Mosen Explosion. #MosenOnAir

New Zealand was once a British colony you know. We were also a member of the British empire, helping to ensure that the sun never set on it. Now, we’re an independent nation but still a member of the British Commonwealth. So it is that on Monday, which it will be when I do this week’s jolly old Mosen Explosion, we’ll be getting the day off in New Zealand for the long Queen’s birthday weekend. And what a nice long queen she is too. I mean man! Man! She’s been there a long long time, hence the long queen’s birthday. Wait wait I think it might be less ambiguous if we actually call it the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Yes, yes I think that’s better. It’s a bit like President’s day in the US, really, since the current queen had her, like, actual birthday in April.

So on this week’s Mosen Explosion, we’re going to endeavour to play music generated from the British Commonwealth, and place special emphasis on Queen. We will rock you, and we will enjoy getting your Queen requests.
But also, let’s not for get, it was 47 years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play. It’s the anniversary of the release of one of the most game-changing, influential albums in history. We’ll be playing tracks from Sergeant Pepper, hearing the Beatles talk about the ground-breaking album, and letting you hear rare mixes of some of the songs that in some cases make the songs sound very different.
It’s a holiday, so Heidi and Nicola banana will be live in studio saying goodness knows what. Bonnie’s here with another very exciting Bonnie Bulletin, yes she’s had a particularly good week this week, we take you back in history and let you hear a historic moment in global TV, and of course the wacky news is, well, wacky!
Gosh! What an action-packed show! A show packed with action I tell you! I hope you can find time to join me, I would really appreciate it. It all happens at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, on the Mosen Channel and all the cool affiliates. Find out all the places you can listen, over at http://MosenExplosion.com