The Mosen Explosion, Rocking the Big Beatle Anniversaries #MosenOnAir


It’s a very special edition of the jolly old Mosen Explosion this week, as we celebrate too magnitudenous events in Beatles history simultaneously, concurrently, and at the same time as well.

57 years ago, which coincidentally was in 1957, John Lennon met Paul McCartney, beginning the greatest partnership in the history of music. Just seven short years later, a half century ago, their movie, “A Hard Day’s Night”, premiered in London. The incredible soundtrack to the album was released just days later.
During the show, we’ll be playing selections from “A Hard Day’s Night”, and hearing the Beatles talk about the making of the movie and the album. It’s an album where Lennon and McCartney were really beginning to shine as song writers, and it’s the first Beatles album where they composed all the songs.
After the Mosen Explosion. on the Mosen Channel, we have extended programming to mark these two important Beatle moments. At 6 Eastern, 11 UK, the Mosen Channel will bring you an audio described version of the movie “A Hard Day’s Night” in its entirety.
Immediately at the conclusion of the movie, at about 7:20 Eastern, we’ll hear an hour-long documentary called “The Day John Met Paul” which looks at that historic day, 6 July 1957. So all up, we have over six hours of programming you won’t want to miss.
It’s quite fascinating and serendipitous, serendipitous I tell you, how sometimes the wacky news gets a theme. This week, we have a number of stories about items long given up for lost, returned to their owners after a long time. Funny that.
It’s a very busy day in the history books and we’ve got the scoop, and a lot of music to go with the scoop.
The beautiful Bonnie is back with a bouncy Bonnie Bulletin, and of course we have plenty of your interaction and requests, which really makes the time fly by.
I hope you’ll join me at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, for another fun Mosen Explosion. Details of how and where to listen can be found on the Mosen Channel at Be sure to check out the Affiliates Page for heaps of great programming on the stations that carry the show.