Fresh Faces, Schedule Changes and Appreciation for Macmillan Week

May we start by thanking our friends over at Top Tunes FM for a brilliant and very successful Macmillan week. It was a pleasure to work alongside some top broadcasters and great to see they smashed the £2000 target raising over £2,800 including gift aid. Thank you to all DJ’s listeners and management from Top Tunes FM that made this worthwhile event possible.

Sadly Top Tunes FM is no longer broadcasting; with its closure at the end of Macmillan Week we are sorry to say there will be no more syndication Sunday and top of the 80’s with Dean Ormond has their fore had to be removed from our schedule. On the subject of Schedules Kyle Phillips has again agreed to extend his Sunday Worship show to 3 hours running from 1:00 until 16:00 UK Time. This means our Totally 80’s re-play with Garry king will now revert to its older slot from 16:00 until 18:00. In addition, Sunday 60’s at 6 will return and fill the 6 until 7 slot before the Mosen Explosion.

Our final note is to welcome a new DJ on board to Dodge Radio and provide a warm hearted welcome to Erick Tyler. With this new DJ comes 2 new exciting country shows. The Country Jam will air Friday nights/Saturday morning from 12:00 AM until 03:00 am UK time, 19:00 until 22:00 US Easton. The New country Music Tuesday show will air from 12:00 until 03:00 Wednesday morning UK time 19:00 until 22:00 Tuesday night for US Easton listeners.

The final note to mention is our bran new website boasting some exciting features is now live and can be viewed over at:

As always keep your eyes and ears glued to your social media of choice for more exciting news in the future.

Join Bonnie, Spotty, Heidi and Jonathan for the Macmillan Cancer Support Explodeathon! #MosenOnAir

This week, the Mosen Explosion is raising money for a great cause. There’d be few of us who haven’t had our lives touched in some way by cancer. Not only does it change the lives of those affected directly, it places enormous stress on the families and friends of those affected.

In the UK, Macmillan Cancer Support is there for cancer patients and their loved ones, providing a range of practical support and advice.

Over the last week, one of our wonderful affiliates, Top Tunes FM, has been broadcasting special programming to raise funds for this charity, and they’ve already raised around 2,000 pounds. The Mosen Explosion is delighted to be a part of this effort, with a special Explodeathon show this weekend.

Heidi, Bonnie, Anthony and I will be in the studio for four hours of very unpredictable nonsense designed to open your hearts and even more importantly, your wallets. Imagine how much good we could do if you contributed even the cost of a couple of cups of coffee or a couple of smartphone apps. Even if you’re not in the UK, it’s a very small world. You may eventually help someone you know, and even if not, it feels good to do good, so we’re sure our large international audience will get into the spirit of this event and give generously.

Throughout the show, you’ll be given the opportunity to donate to see our wacky crew fulfil certain challenges. Already, an absolutely horrible, hideous, unspeakably bad challenge has been set for me by the mischievous Bonnie, and I can tell you right now, it will take a lot of donating to persuade me to take that one on.

So I hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a really lively, unusual and fun show, but most important of all, a show that will help people going through a dark time in their lives.

It all begins at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK. We’ll provide you with all the details of how to donate, oh and for your trouble, you may even win a prize or two.

It’s the Explodeathon, in support of Macmillan Cancer support. We hope very much to have you with us.

Linking the Internet Radio Community for One Week Only

Dodge Radio is pleased to announce they are affiliating with Top Tunes FM the brains behind the Macmillan Cancer event 2014. We aren’t the only station to join in this worthwhile charity event with over 5 stations coming together to raise as much money as possible with a target of £2000 planned; it’s an event to not be missed. People have already taken to their phones to text in donations and their computers to donate through just giving and subsequently 50% of the target has been reached already. There’s no time to sit back just yet as from the 18th to 25th august the internet radio community joins forces to drain as much donations as possible from our listeners for this special Macmillan cancer event. With some superb surprises lined up, wonderful raffle prises on offer, it really is going to be a week to remember.

UK listeners only can donate through text by texting 70070 and typing “ttfm61” followed by their donation of £ 1, £2, £3, £4, £5, or £10. Global listeners can use the top tunes just giving page that can be found at:

Giving whatever you can afford to the Macmillan cancer appeal really can make a huge difference.
After donating either through the just giving page or by text please do not forget to email:
To redeem your raffle tickets.

For more information on shows visit the schedule of the internet radio stations involved. Finally thanks must go out to Top Tunes fm for allowing Dodge Radio to carry this incredible line up of shows. It really is not one to be missed!

Whack! It’s Fifty Shades of Explosion!

Once again, little flowers, it is time for another Mosen Explosion, the show that makes you grateful that there are another 164 hours each week!
Last week on the show, we got to talking about the fact that not only is there soon to be a “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, but there’s going to be a musical as well! Confounding! Astounding!
In case you haven’t heard about this blockbuster trilogy of books, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is about a sweet little innocent girl who becomes the lover of a guy who’s into the bonds, and know I’m not talking finances here! Writing the trilogy clearly took a lot of discipline.
Last week we had a few people who came up with great suggestions for existing songs that you could use in a “Fifty Shades of Grey” musical. But we were doing other things last week so we didn’t follow up too much. But this week, ah, this week my cuddly creatures, we’re going to ask you to nominate songs that would be just right for a “Fifty Shades” musical.
We have some cool wacky news, a look back at quite a busy day in history, the Bonnie Bulletin with, funnily enough, Bonnie, and much more.
We love it when you thrash the power button of your computer or smartphone, hit those keys very very hard, and punch up the Mosen Explosion. So do join me at 7 PM in the UK, 2 PM Eastern, 6 AM in New Zealand, when we’ll whip it into shape. All the shady places you can listen are detailed on our affiliates page at the Mosen Channel, It would hurt if you couldn’t make it.