New Updates, Improvements and Features

Here at Dodge Radio we have been Busy keeping the standard that will continue to keep you locked in.



The Macmillan Cancer Event maybe over but you can relive the Event at a time that Suits you. All shows Presented by Dodge Radio can be found from our Archive Page at 


Programing Schedule

We strive to keep listeners happy and always want them to keep listening. This is why we feel that some modernisation for day time programing needs to be updated. We hope you will like the changes. Firstly the Decade Breakfast will continue as it is giving you the best of music from the 50s up to the present day. from 12PM UK 8AM Eastern we give you a lovely blend of music ranging from the 90s, Noughties and today during Drive Time we give you a blend of music ranging from the last 30 years. Drive Time can be herd from the hours of 3PM UK 10AM Eastern. We will continue to give you a variety of oldies; country, Hip-Hop, Dance music and more music for a full listing please visit the Schedule page from the website.  



We feel that the new website is doing well. But with anything there must always be improvements and from time to time we are always fixing problems and adding new features.  Most of our DJ Profiles have been completed and can now be found from the DJ Profile Page  also coming soon we will be seeing the return of the Dodge Radio Player. More features will be coming soon but we can’t tell you anymore for now. Just keep checking the website and this blog. For the latest updates.

Well that is it for now. We will be back soon with more updates. Until then, Keep Listening, liking and sharing