Changes are afoot…

Big Things Are Coming to Dodge Radio

This is where you can get a first-hand in all that Dodge Radio Has planned for you our lovely listener.

Automation Requests
With the radio industry always changing, we have been working hard to improve the listener experience. The Dodge Radio team has been working on a little Project that allows you the listener to take some control. We are calling it the Dodge Radio Request Service. How does it work I here you ask? Well it is really quite simple. When you make a request using this service there is no more waiting for a DJ to be on the air. All you have to do is head over to you can search for your request straight from the home page click submit and wait for your favourite song to be played during the automation times. That is not all; want to request more than just one song? Not a problem you can do that. We are really excited about this feature and have been having lots of fun with it for the last few months. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have been. This feature is available with immediate effect. Have fun requesting.

Website Updates
The Dodge Radio website is being updated regularly to fit our new look. Not only that the website is growing as we add new sections full of useful information for you to get the very best of Dodge Radio.

Web Player
We have upgraded our Radio player for the website as our previous version was not accessible for Screen Reader Users not only this but some Listeners on the Apple Platforms using safari were having issues listening to us. We hope this new player will be better for all users. We are currently in testing Mode. Once successful we will release it for you to use. Watch this space for updates.

Well that is all for now, like we always say keep liking, listening and sharing.

The Dodge Radio Management Team