A Word OF THanks

The Christmas period maybe over, but we would like to say thank you to everyone that was involved in making last Christmas the best in programing and you the listener, in staying with us. Also a huge Thanks has to go out to Dean and Becs Ormond for helping us Support the Make A Wish Foundation. We hope you will all be with us as we do it all again for Christmas 2015 later this year.


Coming soon

With Christmas and New Year barely out of the way, it is time to think about Valentine’s Day. we have already started to put some ideas together. To get a first-hand of what maybe in the works, please visit our website at www.dodgeradio.net and make your way to our Events Page.


Well that is all for now, we hope you will stay with us during this lovely 2015. In the meantime, keep Listening, Liking and Sharing

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