Some Changes and Improvements

Welcome to another Dodge Radio Blog, your chance to take a look at what we have planned to keep you our listener coming back and asking for more.


Strong Language

Dodge Radio strives to cater for everyone, weather you’re someone that enjoys country music or even Hip-hop music we play it all. In this day and age, more and more music contains strong language or references to some topics not suitable for some listeners. Due to this, we have introduced a water shed meaning that all Strong Worded Content will be removed from all day time playlists. Please Note, due to the large amount of content in our Library it is virtually impossible to edit, or remove all Content without down time. So you may find some music with Strong Language during the day. The Water Shed mentioned above is now in effect. All Strong Worded Content will not be played before 8PM UK Time that is 3PM Eastern time.  During any shows after this time or even in automation you will receive a warning of any Strong Worded Content that may be played.


Schedule changes

Due to some unavoidable commitments some of are week day shows are being moved around slightly.  Please Note you can see the full schedule at a time that suits you from then click Schedule. Monday, the Non Stop Party Mix with Billy now finishes at 12AM UK 7PM Eastern. Tuesday The Hip-Hop Takeover with Paul Moves to the later time of 12AM UK time 7PM Eastern. Thursday, we have the return of Happy Days with Dan. This will run from 8PM UK time 3PM Eastern until 10PM UK 5PM Eastern.  And finally, the Alternative Love Zone will move by one hour now starting from 10PM UK Time 5PM Eastern.


That is all for now, please continue to Listen, Like and Share.

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