it’s time for a spooktacula day!

Well, it’s that time of the year again, the time where all your windows and doors need to be locked, and all your floorboards securely fastened down, it’s Halloween and dodge radio is once more bringing you some quality programming for the day.

Your programs are as follows in UK time:

00:00-05:00: horror! Playing only the best horror to get you through the night including spooky classics such as the twilight zone and fear on four!

05:00-12:00: your usual decade’s breakfast!

12:00-1500: it’s more horror with our featured dramas!

1500-1600: drive time: bringing you back to reality for a while and playing you the best music as well as your latest news updates!

1600-1900: the hot fight home with Felix!

1900-2100: it’s DJ JC!

2100-2300: it’s Sid, with his traditional Halloween show, talking about the history of the day whilst playing you some great horror tunes of your choice plus his own collections!

And then after this, we finish until 5 AM the following morning with your non-stop horror dramas!

So prepare to be scared, this schedule isn’t for the faint hearted, don’t say you haven’t been warned!  muhahahahaha!!


Dodge Radio Rock and metal show

Hi Folks, this is the place where I will tell you all the new music to be played on the dodge radio rock and metal show on saturday afternoons from 2PM till 5PM in the UK. that’s 9AM till 12 PM Eastern US time.

Prepare for 3 hours of the hardest hitting radio asside from Matt on a monday this radio station has ever seen. Not only do we play classic rock like Deep Purple or ACDC Or Led Zeplin, We also bring you music from bands such as Within Temptation or If we’re feeling adventurous we might play a little bit of Rage against the machine and maybe go a little bit heavier with music from Rage or Stream of passion.

As I stated before, Your more than welcome to make requests and you can scend those requests to an E-mail address that has been specially set up for You rock fans so you can bombard me with all your rock requests when the show isn’t on the air. Please send your requests to

Please also request music tracks that you want to hear on the show while it is on air on the dodge radio twitter feed and follow us on @dodgeradio on twitter. There’s also our facebook wall on and our MSN wich is

Anyway, onto new music for this week. We hagve new music on the show from bands such as Alpha Tiger with a track from there new album wich is called “Beneath the Surface”.

We also have new music from Darkthrone with the latest offering from them wich is titled “The Underground Resistance”

New music will also feature from Eclipse Prophecy and he big one is new music from a band whohave been gracing us with there presence since 1978. the band in qestion is… Wait for it… Saxon with there new offering for 2013 wich is called Sacrifice.

All that and more can be heard on the dodge radio rock and metal show  from 2PM UK time, 9AM eastern. Hope to see you there in a manner oif speaking.

Happy hard rocking guitar fanbs.

expect great programs today!

expect some great programming today taking you through your Valentine’s Day! we’ve got our great selection of music from the Dodge Radio love zone up until
6 AM this morning UK time, followed by your decades breakfast between 6 and 12, after which we’ve got non-stop live programming from Brian between 12 and
2 PM giving you a little break from the love songs, at which point we’re back in to the love songs for the rest of the day, with the shows, we’ve got dan
from 2 until 5, Jade and Allan from 5 until 7, Felix between 7 and 9, and Sid rounding off the day between nine and midnight so feel free to enjoy and
feel free to request your songs and dedications throughout the day on email or msn at on the msn and email, @dodgeradio on the twitter,
and by calling our studio on 01905888254 enjoy!

New Year, New Opportunities

  • Another year has come to a close, and it’s time to look back and reflect on what we’ve accomplished in the past twelve months. The dodge radio community is stronger than ever, and some of the accomplishments of the past year are definitely worth remembering. 2 new DJ’s joined the station: Bryan and mat, both of which continue to pump out top quality shows. We now have a regular drive time show from Bryan, from 3:00 until 08:00 week days, including Tuesday’s that doubles as your country chart. Bryan also provides a Sunday night chill show from 11:00 until 1:00 Monday morning. This show is the perfect excuse to relax before the working week begins! We can’t leave without saying a huge thank you to Bryan for providing a superior juke box system for when a dj can’t be on air. This takes time and commitment to provide a quality system of which we are grateful.


Mat also joined our community during 2012, and continues to provide a brilliant show that rests your ears of the usual main stream music, taking you away to a land of hip-hop, drum and base, dub step, and much, much more.


We still continue to provide a diverse range of music between 6 very different dj’s and our juke box system, which we will show through our: automation, live shows, and special one off shows, such as Christmas, valentines, and celebrated artist shows.


Before I head off I have time to wish you a very happy new year from all dodge radio staff, and all the best for 2013. Don’t forget to check out our website chock-full of goodies to keep you up-to-date with the latest information on social networking sites, dj schedules, and our additional dodge radio country channel.