Are you brave enough to take on Dodge’s Deadly day?

Courage happens in the middle. In a place of imperfect knowledge.
Want to be brave? Want to take a risk?
The Dodge Radio Halloween event promises to not disappoint. Saturday 31st October on the strike of midnight through to November we present the scariest audio drama around that will have you pulling your hair out and biting your nales with fright!

If this wasn’t enough our cohort of DJ’s are on stand by to scare you to the core with some truely frightening shows. adorn that mask or maybe you’ve got it left on from last year, what ever the case there is no need to leave the house for 24 hours of memorable entertainment. Top up that electric meter, your going to want to leave the lights on…
If you require further fear-provoking proof, allow us to direct you to our 2015 halloween schedule
Alternatively if you find yourself watching the clock and you can not wait until the Halloween day why not use our Halloween Count Down Timer