We’ve Got Christmas All Wrapped Up!

This 2015 Allow Dodge Radio to take care of all your family festivities, accept perhaps babysitting duties…

Make it a Dodge Radio Christmas and allow us to take care of your celebration plans this 2015. Just think us as your musical obsessed elves’. Dodge Radio Has packaged together over 110 hours of programming for your listening pleasure. All goodies can be viewed on our ever expanding 2015 Christmas schedule.

Whether it’s getting the family together to hear our first ever Dodge pantomime, relaxing with Christmas Chill, or partying it hard with our ever popular 8 our new year’s mix with DJ JC, your sure to find everything for all tastes this festive season. Make listening to Dodge Radio your easiest to keep, New Year’s resolution to date.

If this wasn’t enough excitement to be going on with we see the return of the show Wake up to Santa for the 2nd consecutive year. This show supports the charity The Make A Wish Foundation the charity who are experts at granting magical wishes to children who are fighting a life-threatening condition.

They receive no government funding and rely on the support of people like you to help grant wishes. Pennies make pounds and you can make a huge difference by donating whatever you can.
Your donation doesn’t just help grant a wish to a seriously ill child. It will give the whole family precious time together, creating magical memories to cherish for years to come. Donations can be made through the Make A Wish official giving page.

Unfortunately all Dodge Radio listeners must provide their own alcohol and food to feast upon. This small issue aside, we want to wish all listeners a lovely Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Are you brave enough to take on Dodge’s Deadly day?

Courage happens in the middle. In a place of imperfect knowledge.
Want to be brave? Want to take a risk?
The Dodge Radio Halloween event promises to not disappoint. Saturday 31st October on the strike of midnight through to November we present the scariest audio drama around that will have you pulling your hair out and biting your nales with fright!

If this wasn’t enough our cohort of DJ’s are on stand by to scare you to the core with some truely frightening shows. adorn that mask or maybe you’ve got it left on from last year, what ever the case there is no need to leave the house for 24 hours of memorable entertainment. Top up that electric meter, your going to want to leave the lights on…
If you require further fear-provoking proof, allow us to direct you to our 2015 halloween schedule
Alternatively if you find yourself watching the clock and you can not wait until the Halloween day why not use our Halloween Count Down Timer

Dodge Radio’s 6th Birthday Celebrations

6th Birthday Celebrations

Your Birth is your beginning. It is a window to the chance of a lifetime, the chance to fulfill your unique mission. So a birthday is a momentous occasion, to be commemorated just as a nation commemorates its birth or as an organization celebrates its founding. Still, it is much more than an occasion to receive gifts. It is a chance to remember the day that a major event occurred, to celebrate and give thanks and to reflect upon how well we are fulfilling our calling.

It’s true it’s our birthday; we are shouting about it in the biggest way possible! What’s better than a birthday party with all the stops pulled out, music, entertainment and comedy all blended for that fuzzy birthday feel? There is even a hearty measure of competitions and free give away’s to listeners throughout our birthday weekend! Hay… weight… it’s our birthday shouldn’t the present giving kind of work the other way? No? Oh well… this is how we roll over at Dodge Radio.

When is it all going down I hear you cry! We are all set for an August bank holiday birthday bonanza. After all that’s the date 6 years ago we hit the internet waves slowly strengthening year on year. After all “slowly but surely does the trick”. At least that’s our secret to survival.

From Midnight UK time Saturday morning until midnight Tuesday morning UK time we will have back to back, none-stop continuous programming. From special interviews old special shows and archives long forgotten to competitions, challenges all topped with a generis dusting of energetic birthday atmosphere.

This 6th Birthday celebration is truly not to be missed. It’s a weekend appointment for your diary make no mistake. For further information:
Check our birthday weekend schedule to see what’s going down.
Join the event on facebook.
Follow us over on twitter.

Changes are afoot…

Big Things Are Coming to Dodge Radio

This is where you can get a first-hand in all that Dodge Radio Has planned for you our lovely listener.

Automation Requests
With the radio industry always changing, we have been working hard to improve the listener experience. The Dodge Radio team has been working on a little Project that allows you the listener to take some control. We are calling it the Dodge Radio Request Service. How does it work I here you ask? Well it is really quite simple. When you make a request using this service there is no more waiting for a DJ to be on the air. All you have to do is head over to www.dodgeradio.net you can search for your request straight from the home page click submit and wait for your favourite song to be played during the automation times. That is not all; want to request more than just one song? Not a problem you can do that. We are really excited about this feature and have been having lots of fun with it for the last few months. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have been. This feature is available with immediate effect. Have fun requesting.

Website Updates
The Dodge Radio website is being updated regularly to fit our new look. Not only that the website is growing as we add new sections full of useful information for you to get the very best of Dodge Radio.

Web Player
We have upgraded our Radio player for the website as our previous version was not accessible for Screen Reader Users not only this but some Listeners on the Apple Platforms using safari were having issues listening to us. We hope this new player will be better for all users. We are currently in testing Mode. Once successful we will release it for you to use. Watch this space for updates.

Well that is all for now, like we always say keep liking, listening and sharing.

The Dodge Radio Management Team

Making Wishes Come True This Christmas

Dodge Radio is proud to be supporting the Make a Wish Foundation the charity that is perfectly situated to grant magical wishes to children and young people who are fighting a life threatening condition. With the help of our generous loyal listener base we can help to put a smile on the face of seriously ill children this Christmas. Your donation doesn’t just help grant a wish to a seriously ill child. It will also give the whole family precious time together, creating magical memories to cherish for years to come.

In order for Dodge Radio to support this charity, our staff members have made a substantial donation to bring children this Christmas the show ‘Wake up to Santa’. This show will offer festive music, and chat from a show hosted by the big man himself. This show will air from 07:00 AM/10:00 AM UK time, 02:00 AM/05:00 AM US Easton. So when your children are waking up this Christmas morning remember Dodge Radio and give them that extra free Christmas cheer by tuning to Dodge Radio this Christmas day.

Supporting the make a wish foundation could not be easier! Details can be found on our home page where there is a direct link to the charities home page. In addition, readers of this blog can also visit:
In order to make a donation to this inspiring charity to change a critically ill Childs life. Working together you and Dodge Radio can make wishes come true this Christmas!

Fresh Faces, Schedule Changes and Appreciation for Macmillan Week

May we start by thanking our friends over at Top Tunes FM for a brilliant and very successful Macmillan week. It was a pleasure to work alongside some top broadcasters and great to see they smashed the £2000 target raising over £2,800 including gift aid. Thank you to all DJ’s listeners and management from Top Tunes FM that made this worthwhile event possible.

Sadly Top Tunes FM is no longer broadcasting; with its closure at the end of Macmillan Week we are sorry to say there will be no more syndication Sunday and top of the 80’s with Dean Ormond has their fore had to be removed from our schedule. On the subject of Schedules Kyle Phillips has again agreed to extend his Sunday Worship show to 3 hours running from 1:00 until 16:00 UK Time. This means our Totally 80’s re-play with Garry king will now revert to its older slot from 16:00 until 18:00. In addition, Sunday 60’s at 6 will return and fill the 6 until 7 slot before the Mosen Explosion.

Our final note is to welcome a new DJ on board to Dodge Radio and provide a warm hearted welcome to Erick Tyler. With this new DJ comes 2 new exciting country shows. The Country Jam will air Friday nights/Saturday morning from 12:00 AM until 03:00 am UK time, 19:00 until 22:00 US Easton. The New country Music Tuesday show will air from 12:00 until 03:00 Wednesday morning UK time 19:00 until 22:00 Tuesday night for US Easton listeners.

The final note to mention is our bran new website boasting some exciting features is now live and can be viewed over at:

As always keep your eyes and ears glued to your social media of choice for more exciting news in the future.

Happy New Year

With another  successful year behind us, its time to look upon the future. Although we lost 2 talented DJ’s last year who for there own personal reasons moved on to new projects. however, we regained what we los through Justin and Paul. both dj’s bring a different flavour of music to the station, and we would like to thank them for their continued hard  work! Justin’s mixing is 2nd to none, and his  weekend mix can be herd  19:00 UK time, 1400 easten each friday evening. Paul brings hip-hop alive  on tuesday evenings  starting at 20:00 UK time and 15:00 easten. our full schedule can be found on our website over at:



here’s to another successful year ahead, stay tuned for further exciting information.

from all Dodge Radio  staff we would like to wish all our listeners a happy new year, an all the best for 2014.

New Year, New Opportunities

  • Another year has come to a close, and it’s time to look back and reflect on what we’ve accomplished in the past twelve months. The dodge radio community is stronger than ever, and some of the accomplishments of the past year are definitely worth remembering. 2 new DJ’s joined the station: Bryan and mat, both of which continue to pump out top quality shows. We now have a regular drive time show from Bryan, from 3:00 until 08:00 week days, including Tuesday’s that doubles as your country chart. Bryan also provides a Sunday night chill show from 11:00 until 1:00 Monday morning. This show is the perfect excuse to relax before the working week begins! We can’t leave without saying a huge thank you to Bryan for providing a superior juke box system for when a dj can’t be on air. This takes time and commitment to provide a quality system of which we are grateful.


Mat also joined our community during 2012, and continues to provide a brilliant show that rests your ears of the usual main stream music, taking you away to a land of hip-hop, drum and base, dub step, and much, much more.


We still continue to provide a diverse range of music between 6 very different dj’s and our juke box system, which we will show through our: automation, live shows, and special one off shows, such as Christmas, valentines, and celebrated artist shows.


Before I head off I have time to wish you a very happy new year from all dodge radio staff, and all the best for 2013. Don’t forget to check out our website chock-full of goodies to keep you up-to-date with the latest information on social networking sites, dj schedules, and our additional dodge radio country channel.